About Pasitos de Luz

Pasitos de Luz is a non-profit organization that provides care for disabled children from low-income families in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was founded more than fourteen years ago by a determined group of mothers who were desperate to have a place where their disabled children could receive decent levels care and attention. Meet some of our kids here! 

Pasitos is a lifeline for the more than 122 families who rely on us to look after their children during the day. These children often suffer from acute physical and psychological illnesses and many are unable to enter the mainstream education system. Furthermore, by providing a safe place for these children during the day, both parents are able to go out to work. This extra income is essential for many families who live on the breadline. 

We offer a huge range of essential services, including physical rehabilitation, psychological care, nutrition and much more. 


100% Free-of-Charge

Pasitos de Luz does not charge a single peso for its services. All the children are fed and looked after at no cost to the parents. Instead, all our funds come from the generous support of our local and overseas benefactors. It is truly a miracle that our charity has existed for so long, and we are determined to keep working for its long-term future.

You too can make a difference! Learn more about donating  to Pasitos or volunteering .

Transparency Guaranteed

Pasitos de Luz is a fully registered charity in Puerto Vallarta. Officially registered since November 2000 and built up with love and enthusiasm for the cause. Our objective is to assist the parents of our children (the majority are single mothers). The officially registered name for the charity is Mamas Unidas por la Rehabilitación de sus Hijos A.C. (Mothers United for the Rehabilitation of their Children A.C.).

We are officially registered and recognized by the Jalisco State Organization for Charities, IJAS (Instituto Jalisciense de Asistencia Social) with number 010-070.(5.160)-DGAS-2011-223.

We are officially registered as a charity with the Mexican Inland Revenue office and can give tax deductible receipts; this status was renewed in 2012.

We are also registered with CLUNI, the federal register of civil organizations in Mexico.