We offer comprehensive care TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE to disabled children from low-income families, enabling these children to live better lives.

Our Mission is only possible with the help of valued supporters like you. Together, we can continue to:

  • maintain the highest quality of compassionate care using the latest techniques, tenchnology and equipment available within our financial resources
  • promote the integrity of the family and the child through family-centered care and support services
  • advance our leadership role as a regional center of excellence
  • work cooperatively with healthcare networks, community organizations, business, industry and government to ensure that the needs of children and adolescents are addressed at the local, regional, state and national levels
  • adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct
  • support a proficient professional and allied health staff
  • ensure the best mangement methods in administering our medical center
  • strive to improve the cost-effectiveness of our services.

Vision for the future

We are in the process of building a new care center that will enable us to cater for many more children and provide a much-improved level of treatment. The new center is a collaboration with a non-profit organization based in Canada called Caring Abroad Society of Alberta and sits more than 10,000m² of beautiful farmland. 

Set to be called Casa Connor in memory of Connor Vanderveen, the new care center will offer a range of benefits for both parents and children; users will find all the necessary forms of therapy under one roof, without having to move from one facility to another. These services will continue to be offered 100% free-of-charge. We aim to care for more than one thousand children at Casa Connor.

To learn more about our ambitious project, and to donate specifically to Casa Connor, please visit www.casaconnor.org