Our Progress

  • From the very beginning Pasitos de Luz opened its doors to offer love, support and rehabilitation to the special children of Puerto Vallarta and its surrounding areas. Our services are wide ranging and essential to the well being and improvement of each of our special children’s condition. We are open Monday through Friday from 7am to 7pm and offer free day care services (as most of the parents are single mothers) to enable parents to work, specialized care, doctors on site, therapy, special education, music, dance, art, balanced meals and nutritional aid (some children take over 45 minutes to feed) in a fun, caring, nurturing environment where the children can learn to love and be loved.

and this was how the facility looked back in 1999:

Although our work still continues and we have a lot to accomplish, here is a look at how far we have come:

Then, word got around and more families came to ask for assistance and they came in droves. Parents, the majority being single mothers, rushed in begging for help, for advice, for supplies, for a friendly face and, most importantly, for a safe place to leave their children so they could go to work… and Pasitos de Luz was born.


The kitchen prior to the remodel
The kitchen after the remodel
 Work going on for our main room  Completed main room

It hasn’t stopped here either, each day we strive to improve our services, our facility and aim to get our kids doing things they hadn’t dreamed possible.

As part of the Pasitos de Luz philosophy, we act when we see a shortage of care and we have certainly seen it in Vallarta. As the current facility grows in reputation, size and stature, so do the demands on us.

We have an ambitious new project to complete a facility in Nayarit which will be able to offer daycare, rehabilitation treatments, and therapy, live in facilities with children’s home and serve as pioneer offering support, advice and assistance for the disabled of the region.

For more details on the construction of the new facility please go to Capital Campaigns

Our New Project

The need for more space and improved facilities has become very acute over the last few years. With nearly 150 children wanting to get to Pasitos de Luz daily, we have had to rotate the days they can come. There is also a waiting list of children and their families that we cannot possibly attend to.

Pasitos de Luz has teamed up with a registered Canadian Charity, Casa Connor  and has begun building a new facility on a large donated piece of land in Nayarit. 

The long overdue new facility is now slowly becoming a reality as it is under construction.  It will allow all of those kids on the waiting list to receive vital services and 500 more kids from the greater Vallarta area.  It will be a training facility for enlightened care and rehabilitation of a wide range of disabilities, as well as offering the first residential capability in Mexico, it shall not replace the family care of our kids, but will rather offer families a safe place to take their loved ones. However, for the first time Pasitos de Liuz will be able to offer board to the most vulnerable kids who are not getting the right amount of care in their home environment and need specialized attention.