Staff directory


Physical rehab

Silvia is the life of the party. She charms all the kids with her chatter and her laughter while her hands work their magic to position the kids and get them to work on stretching techinqies and new postures.


Special Needs Eduacation teacher

Martha has been with Pasitos de Luz since 2002. She is a highly valued member of the team and is adored by all the children she teaches. Her patience and her smile light up the room.


Cooking Assistant




Rosa has been with Pasitos de Luz since 2003. Her daughter Brizia is one of our children and she was one of our first kids in attendance. Rosa is hardworking, kind and committed to the improvement of Pasitos.



Eliseo is Pasitos' special massage therapist. Born blind, Eliseo brings a special kind of energy to his patients and they relosh their time with his unique massage techniques and healing touch.



Maintenance / Driver

Carlos is our "can do" man. His list of tasks is endless and his range is huge. We depend on him for collecting supplies, deliveries, docotors appointments, collectiing donations, organising events, transporting kids and their families, fxing leaks, repairing broken appliances, repairing toys, games, chairs tables, you name it!