Every donation, even the smallest, makes a difference.  Please join us in supporting Pasitos de Luz and send your donation today.

"Imagine a single mother who lives on the breadline trying to take care of little girl with cerebral palsy while also supporting three other children. Then imagine that this whole family lives in a single room constructed from corrugated iron and cardboard. Pasitos enables this family to survive."

All donations, regardless of size, are greatly needed and will help us provide - FREE of charge - the care and services essential to the health and well-being of our children. The Pasitos families often live in extreme poverty, and even a basic level of care for their disabled child would be impossible for them to bear alone.  That is why your financial support is vital to these vulnerable children as a little will go a long way.

  • $10 will pay for rice and beans for all of our children for a day
  • $25 will pay for one child’s diapers and other hygiene needs for a month
  • $50 will pay for a trained therapist to work with a child desperately in need of help.

Tax Deductibles

Your U.S. and Canadian donations are tax deductible through our trusted partners.  These valued friends not only support our efforts, but ensure that your donation will receive a tax deductible receipt. For further information simply follow the easy steps by Clicking Here. 

Donating Food/Clothing & Volunteering

Even if you aren’t inclined to donate funds, goods in kind are always welcomed and well received. Please refer to our list of basic monthly needs.   

If you would like to assist in a more hands-on way, consider organizing an event on behalf of Pasitos de Luz to help raise funds. Alternatively, become a volunteer and give us the gift of your time and talents.

100% Transparency

The Director and the managing Board do not take any salary or financial compensation for the work they tirelessly do on behalf of the children at Pasitos de Luz. We are delighted and blessed to have a compassionate Board who work with their limited resources to seek the improvement of our children's lives. 100% of your donated pesos and dollars go directly to the center itself! We aim to maximize the funds raised and ensure they are put to great use and strive to be good stewards of the money you donate. It is truly amazing to see how many children's lives we can positively impact and how far we can stretch our small budget. All this is ONLY POSSIBLE because of the generosity of donors like YOU!