Your $$$ at work

As a Friend and Donor at Pasitos de Luz we value your commitment and your kindness.

You will receive an acknowledgement of the donation and a periodic update on life at Pasitos de Luz with photos and information.

If you donate to Pasitos de Luz via one of Our Partners  in the US or Canada, we are not allowed direct access to these mailing list (data protection). However, you can sign up to our newsletter here to keep updated directly if you prefer. We also have a Facebook Page

Funds you donate go directly to help run our successful programs and day care facilities. with very little overhead and a focus on trained professional care, we have managed to achieve wonderful results with limited resources.

If you would like more specific details on how funds are spent please feel free to contact us at and we will send you the appropriate information. As Mexican tax payers and as a registered Mexican charity we pride ourselves on high levels of transparency and accounting and would be happy to share this with our Friends.