Educational Programs

Pasitos de Luz is, for many of our children, a 'home from home' and an integral part of that home environment is our special education center. We currently have four separate classrooms for our special education classes:

• EARLY EDUCATION CLASSES: This space is designed for early learning classes, benefiting our youngest children, and helping us to build levels of trust andunderstanding. We look to develop the child’s potential, giving the child the opportunity to experience and learn from real life situations, focusing on childhood development: cognitive, socio-affective and motor.

Saul y Ariana

• AUTONOMOUS CLASSES: Work on developing levels of autonomy in the child

• ABILITY CLASSES: Work on levels of improvement in every-day learning.

• READING AND WRITING CLASSES: In this classroom, we focus on developing essential reading and writing skills as part of a strategic learning program. The aim is to give our children the skills and confidence to be able to communicate successfully in the outside world.

• SPECIAL AUTISM CLASSES / MENTALLY ILL: We work one-on-one with the children, giving them freedom to express themselves and to discover the world around them.