Nutrition & Well Being

Pasitos de Luz prides itself on providing a balanced diet. All our children are served a nutritious energy-boosting breakfast, followed by lunch and a late afternoon snack before leaving. As some of our children can take up to 45 minutes to eat one meal, which we carefully supervise, it is essential they receive all the nutrients they need. In order to assist with growth and to help treat some forms of malnutrition, often brought on by family ignorance and lack of eduacation, we revert to the use of special diatary supplements, helping to give our kids additional vitamins, minerals and to help some of them gain much-needed weight.


Our children are looked after by a well-trained group of professionals with experience taking care of disabled children. We focus on ensuring the children’s emotional well-being is always taken into consideration. Our services aim to offer a home environment with a large extended family, looking out for one another.

In our effort to improve the lives of the children we help, we are also committed to the well-being of their whole family. We try to help where we can by giving weekly donations of food and supplies to our families, to ensure our kids get as much nutrition as possible over the weekend and the evenings when they are not in our care. 


Pasitos de Luz is a Puerto Vallarta non-profit organization founded by mothers of disabled children to achieve their rehabilitation and basic needs.
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