At Pasitos de Luz we pride ourselves on offering exceptional rehabilitation services, putting the families at ease, safe in the knowledge that their children will be receiving a good level of care at no cost. This also helps to alleviate the feeling of guilt experienced by some families, since private therapy can be expensive and unaffordable.

The children at Pasitos demonstrate remarkable perseverance and tenacity. This, combined with our comprehensive rehabilitation program and the loving environement at our daycare center, enable them to shine.

We have some amazing stories to share. We have seen miracles happen. Children have come to us without any hope and have walked out of our center unaided!


Just like Ivette with severe CP.....parents told she would never walk. Last year she took her first steps, and by now is on her way, with every likelihood of being able to live a pretty normal life.                                                                          

And Marissa,  twin of a sister without a disability, who is compromised by some paralysis caused by birth trauma. She is never without a smile however, as she works and works with the physical therapist to be able to stand without support.  She’s making it!  


And little Saul,  severely handicapped mentally, but robust good health otherwise.....whenever there is music  (which really is most of the time), you can find Saul dancing like someone on “Mexico’s Got Talent”.