Here are some first hand experiences of our visitors to Pasitos:

“When I first walked into Pasitos back in 2003 I was shocked as I had never before seen so many children with such serious disabilities under one roof. However, in just a few minutes I began to see that the center is a happy place, full of positivity and optimism. The children have challenges, yes, but the staff, the environment and the level of care provided was incredible. I have been a supporter ever since”

- Sarah , London UK

"When I first walked into Pasitos de Luz I was both amazed and overwhelmed at the types of disabilities pasitos was not only working with but also very successfully helping. And I saw smiles - many, many smiles! Every child was being given attention and activities that brought out his or her best. Some were doing things never considered possible. A child who was never supposed to  walk was walking...a child who never spoke or reached out prior to being there was full of life and laughter. I saw children being given a chance in life. Seeing what is possible because of Pasitos de Luz touched me more than I can say. Since that day I have provided monthly donations and have helped with fundraising activities; small gestures that mean so much". 

- Barbara, Canada

"One of the miracles at Pasitos de Luz involves little Dany. Dany was born sighted but fell and hit his head when he was three years old. He lost his sight, the ability to talk and walk. He was pretty sad when he came to Pasitos two and half years ago. When I would visit Pasitos Dany would hear my voice and start wiggling to get up and 'walk' with me. The aids would tie a strap under his arms and around my hips to take some of his weight off me. We would walk with me holding his hands and literally pushing his feet out in front of him. I only walked with him for 2 to 3 hours each week but the wonderful intern therapists worked with him every day. Well! Dany is now walking alone and starting to talk again. I'm sorry to report that his sight problems aren't repairable but with the training he receives at Pasitos he will have a better opportunity to lead a good life. By the way, he still starts wiggling as soon as he hears my voice".

- Ginger, USA

"It’s been over 10 years since I was first blessed with an introduction to Pasitos de Luz.  So many memories!  One day I showed up and after awhile noticed that there was a little guy under a table,  quietly crying.  New arrivals usually are in fear, as they have never been someplace without a parent or familymember, so I knew he had just become a “Pasiteno”....... but I was confused as to why he was under a table...not the kind of thing that would happen normally.  When I got the chance, I asked Yolanda about it, and she shared how this little 6 year old with Down Syndrome, had basically grown to that age in that dark but safe space under the family table.  To my “how awful” comment,  Yolanda smiled and said “he’ll be all right, Jim”.  Well, it was probably like 2 weeks later that as I arrived I see a new kid confidently walking around the place with a big smile, so I asked one of the “nannies” who he was.  “The little boy who lived under the table”.  Sigh! I tell this story to illustrate one of the central reasons I have been dedicated to the Pasitos effort.  The kids are truly, absolutely,  the priority...above all else, their welfare comes first.  They are treated with love and dignity,  in a bright and cheerful environment that allows visitors to accept the often tragic images they see with certain of our kids, and focus instead on the miraculous energy the pervades that little place in Pitillal. 

Jim - USA