Volunteer opportunities

Pasitos de Luz has a gruelling schedule and limited funds. Volunteers are key to our success and our sustainability.

We currently have a small group who assist us with tours of our facility, bringing in donations in kind and translating for overseas visitors. There is also a progam with some international groups who send us small numbers of trained individuals for short stays in Vallarta and who give their time willingly to Pasitos de Luz and our needy kids.

However, we always welcome extra pairs of hands, whether to help at meal times or to assist in games and activities. You will be given a tour of our facility, will be introduced to the staff and children, and assigned to one of our classrooms to help out. Please get in touch via info@pasitosdeluz.org

Alternatively, if you are a trained professional in areas such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and/or special education, we would love to make the most of your expertise. Again, please get in touch.